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Wine Publishing remains the clear leader for advertising and marketing in the wine industry. Whether you need to build your brand, establish yourself or make meaningful connections, align yourself with the most powerful brand in the business.

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Wine Publishing AB
Wine Publishing Media Company is owned by Anders Levander and Fredrik Schelin and was established in 2005. Today we have 6 people involved in the company. We have a long experience working with different countries, regions and consortiums, offering information and marketing of wine from all over the world.

Today Wine Publishing is the leading online information channel for wine and gastronomy. We have around 350 000 – 400 000 unique readers per week, reading 3 to 4 different articles per person. We are also a leading influencer on Instagram for sparkling wines.

Wine Publishing contributes by writing about wine and food, in many different print magazines. Furthermore we publish articles in Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, Aftonbladet. Besides this we contribute with content in several wine magazines.
All together we have around 3- 4 million readers of wine information in printed media, every month, making us the most important influencer in this area.

Wine Publishing has a long experience with marketing and wine information. The company started its online channel already 2005, being a pioneer in this field. We have long experience with online media for 16 years and were one of the first publishers exploring this media in Sweden. Besides this we contribute to many printed issues with wine columns and other information. Anders & Fredrik’s best pick of wine is a very appreciated column in different dailies and wine magazines.